Sprocket/Pulley Hardware

Sprocket/Pulley Hardware

Product Image Model- Manufacturer Item Name Weight Price Qty.
Front Belt Drive Lock Plate and Nut Kit 20-0308 V-Twin Manufacturing

Front Belt Drive Lock Plate and Nut Kit

Part#: 20-0308 Kit includes 2 allen screws sprocket nut, and lock plate. Fits: FXST 1993-2006 XL 1991-UP FLST 1993-2006 FLT 1993-2006 FXD 1991-2005...
0.25 $17.95

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Front Pulley Belt Nut 12-0579 V-Twin Manufacturing

Front Pulley Belt Nut

Part#: 12-0579 OEM Part#: 35211-91 Front Belt Nut for 1991-up XL Fits: XL 1991-UP FXST 1991-2006 FLST 1991-2006 FLT 1991-2006 FXD 1991-2005
0.15 $12.95

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Jims Transmission Sprocket Mega Nut 20-0214 V-Twin Manufacturing

Jims Transmission Sprocket Mega Nut

Part#: 20-0214 Jims transmission sprocket mega nut is the cure for a loose pulley nut. This nut can be secured in different places by an easy...
0.3 $86.95

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Oil Seal Retainer Kit 17-1160 V-Twin Manufacturing

Oil Seal Retainer Kit

Part#: 17-1160 OEM Part#: 35150-52 Mainshaft oil seal and retainer kit includes metal retainer with seal, 1 gasket and 4 screws with washers. This...
0.1 $21.95

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Pulley Bolt, Nut and Washer Kit Chrome 9858-15 V-Twin Manufacturing

Pulley Bolt, Nut and Washer Kit Chrome

Part#: 9858-15 Chrome pulley bolt, nut and washer kit has a thread size of 7/16-20 X 1-1/2 Fits: FL 1973-1984 spoke wheel FX 1973-1984 spoke wheel XL...
0.75 $43.95

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Pulley Indexing Flange Nut 20-0215 V-Twin Manufacturing

Pulley Indexing Flange Nut

Part#: 20-0215 V-Twin pulley indexing flange nut with an outer diameter of 3-3/8" allows drilling and tapping of additional set screw locations. For...
0.35 $26.95

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Transmissiom Drive Sprocket Nut 12-0529 V-Twin Manufacturing

Transmissiom Drive Sprocket Nut

Part#: 12-0529 OEM Part#: 35047-53 Transmission drive sprocket nut with seal included. Fits: K 1953-1956 XL 1957-1970 Note: Suggested to use with...
0.1 $24.95

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Transmission Drive Sprocket Nut 12-0530 V-Twin Manufacturing

Transmission Drive Sprocket Nut

Part#: 12-0530 OEM Part#: 35047-71A Transmission drive sprocket nut with lock tab. Fits: XL 1971-1984 1971-early 1984
0.05 $20.95

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Transmission Sprocket Lock Tab 17-0910 V-Twin Manufacturing

Transmission Sprocket Lock Tab

Part#: 17-0910 OEM Part#: 35050-52 Lock tab for transmission sprocket. Fits: XL 1957-1984 K 1952-1956
0.1 $19.95

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Transmission Sprocket Nut 12-0566 V-Twin Manufacturing

Transmission Sprocket Nut

Part#: 12-0566 OEM Part#: 7855W Transmission sprocket nut. Order lock tab separately. Fits: XL 1984-1990 Note: Suggested to use #17-0910 lock tab.
0.35 $14.95

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