Product Image Model- Manufacturer Item Name Weight Price Qty.
Chrome 7" K Headlamp 33-2120 V-Twin Manufacturing

Chrome 7" K Headlamp

Part#: 33-2120 OEM Part#: 67704-52 Chrome 7" K headlamp features oil generator lamps and sockets with 2 indicator lights. Includes chrome rim and 6...
4.4 $158.95

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Round Headlamp Mount Kit Cadmium 2006-3 V-Twin Manufacturing

Round Headlamp Mount Kit Cadmium

Part#: 2006-3 OEM Part#: 64715-45 Kit includes a beveled washer, nut, and lockwasher for a 7" round headlamp Fits: FL 1949-1959 K 1952-1956 XL...
0.1 $23.95

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Tail Lamp Bracket K Style Chrome 31-0237 V-Twin Manufacturing

Tail Lamp Bracket K Style Chrome

Part#: 31-0237 OEM Part#: 59991-52 Chrome bracket with tail lamp mount holes. Early K style stock OE replacement. Fits: K 1952-1954
0.35 $33.95

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Tail Lamp Fender Gasket 15-0209 V-Twin Manufacturing

Tail Lamp Fender Gasket

Part#: 15-0209 OEM Part#: 68123-55 Tail lamp fender gasket, rubber Fits: FL 1955-1972 XL 1957-1972 FX 1971-1972 K 1955-1956
0.1 $12.95

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Tail Lamp Kit K Style with Glass Lens 33-2151 V-Twin Manufacturing

Tail Lamp Kit K Style with Glass Lens

Part#: 33-2151 OEM Part#: 68007-52 Chrome K style lamp has a black mount bracket, chrome hood, red tail lamp glass lens with a clear glass inner...
1.3 $158.95

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