Fuel Management

Fuel Management

Product Image Model- Manufacturer Item Name Weight Price Qty.
Bendix Tap Tool 16-0865 V-Twin Manufacturing

Bendix Tap Tool

Part#: 16-0865 This Bendix jet special tap tool has a 9/32" - 32 thread size and measures 2-23/32" long. Some early carburetors require drilling and...
0.05 $66.95

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Intake Manifold Width Gauge Tool 16-0250 V-Twin Manufacturing

Intake Manifold Width Gauge Tool

Part#: 16-0250 Intake manifold width gauge tool allows you to take an accurate measurements bewteen cylinder heads on Evolution and Twin Cam motors....
0.3 $140.95

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Intake Manifold Wrench 16-5530 V-Twin Manufacturing

Intake Manifold Wrench

Part#: 16-5530 OEM Part#: 94063-09 Reversible Ratcheting Type Wrench features a 1/4" ball end allen bit for easy installation and removal of intake...
0.25 $45.95

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Keihin Slow Jet Driver Tool 16-0546 V-Twin Manufacturing

Keihin Slow Jet Driver Tool

Part#: 16-0546 OEM Part#: 2 Keihin slow jet driver tool helps remove Keihin slow jets without damage to jet. Fits: FL 1976-1984 FLST 1986-1989 FXST...
0.05 $24.95

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Manifold Wrench Replacement Bits 16-6530 V-Twin Manufacturing

Manifold Wrench Replacement Bits

Part#: 16-6530 Replacement bits only. Fits: Special application for manifold wrench Note: Suggested to use #16-6529 wrench.
0.01 $24.95

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Needle Jet Seat Cutter Tool 16-0095 V-Twin Manufacturing

Needle Jet Seat Cutter Tool

Part#: 16-0095 Needle jet seat cutter tool is for use on non-CV Keihin type carburetors. It eliminates gasoline seepage from around the needle jet,...
0.1 $107.95

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S&S Carburetor Main Jet Tool 35-9168 V-Twin Manufacturing

S&S Carburetor Main Jet Tool

Part#: 35-9168 S&S carburetor main jet tool for S&S "B" and "E" carburetors to install and remove jets. Fits: Special application for S&S Super...
0.1 $17.95

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ThunderJet Install Tool 16-0783 V-Twin Manufacturing

ThunderJet Install Tool

Part#: 16-0783 ThunderJet install fixture tool is designed to get the carburetor body just at the right angle to drill holes. The fixture tool takes...
0.7 $244.95

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