Foot Shifter Levers

Foot Shifter Levers

Product Image Model- Manufacturer Item Name Weight Price Qty.
Billet Shifter Lever Vented 21-0387 V-Twin Manufacturing

Billet Shifter Lever Vented

Part#: 21-0387 OEM Part#: 42997-04 Chrome billet vented shifter lever. Fits: XL 2004-UP
0.35 $37.95

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Billet Shifter Lever with Footpeg 21-0614 V-Twin Manufacturing

Billet Shifter Lever with Footpeg

Part#: 21-0614 Chrome billet vented shifter lever with soft shifter peg. Fits: XL 2004-UP
0.75 $37.95

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Brake and Shifter Pedal Set 27-1519 V-Twin Manufacturing

Brake and Shifter Pedal Set

Part#: 27-1519 Brake and shifter pedal set has a 3/8" x 16 threaded stud can be used as rigid mount footpegs. Fits: Replacement application for...
1.8 $36.95

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Chrome Billet Foot Shifter Lever 21-0550 V-Twin Manufacturing

Chrome Billet Foot Shifter Lever

Part#: 21-0550 OEM Part#: 34540-00 Lever has slotted holes. Fits: XL 1991-2003
0.2 $40.95

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Chrome Foot Shifter Lever 21-0584 V-Twin Manufacturing

Chrome Foot Shifter Lever

Part#: 21-0584 Heel-toe style foot shifter lever with 5/16" - 24 threads for pegs. Order shifter pegs separately. Fits: XL 2004-UP Note: Does not...
1 $64.95

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Chrome Forward Shifter Lever 21-0115 V-Twin Manufacturing

Chrome Forward Shifter Lever

Part#: 21-0115 OEM Part#: 49303-98 Chrome Jockey Forward Shifter Lever Fits: XL 1998-2003
0.45 $160.95

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Chrome Shifter Shaft Arm 21-0787 V-Twin Manufacturing

Chrome Shifter Shaft Arm

Part#: 21-0787 Shifter shaft arm is for a forward control kit. It attaches to splined shifter shaft on the left side primary case. Fits: XL 2004-UP...
0.4 $45.95

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Inner Shifter Lever 21-2018 V-Twin Manufacturing

Inner Shifter Lever

Part#: 21-2018 Inner shifter lever for forward controls. Fits: Replacement application Note: Suggested to use with #22-0396 forward controls
0.45 $42.95

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Outer Shifter Lever Arm 21-2014 V-Twin Manufacturing

Outer Shifter Lever Arm

Part#: 21-2014 Chrome outer shifter lever arm for 5-speed models. Fits: Replacement application
0.25 $37.95

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Shifter Arm Chrome 21-2032 V-Twin Manufacturing

Shifter Arm Chrome

Part#: 21-2032 OEM Part#: 34606-90 Chromed steel shifter arm. Fits: XL 1991-2003
0.7 $23.95

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