Product Image Model- Manufacturer Item Name Weight Price Qty.
Breather Pipe Chrome 40-0121 V-Twin Manufacturing

Breather Pipe Chrome

Part#: 40-0121 OEM Part#: 24912-52A Chrome breather pipe with fitting nut. The pipe opens into a container for ventilation. Breather pipe is...
0.15 $14.95

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Cam Chest Breather Gear 12-9947 V-Twin Manufacturing

Cam Chest Breather Gear

Part#: 12-9947 OEM Part#: 26331-72 Cam chest breather gear, fits 1972-1976 XL models. Fits: XL 1972-1976
0.25 $85.95

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Cam Chest Breather Kit 12-1541 V-Twin Manufacturing

Cam Chest Breather Kit

Part#: 12-1541 Cam chest breather kit includes cam chest breather deflector pinion shaft breather seal spring, breather pipe, and oil transfer valve....
0.45 $40.95

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Crankcase Vent Fitting 40-0513 V-Twin Manufacturing

Crankcase Vent Fitting

Part#: 40-0513 OEM Part#: 34744-77 Crankcase vent fitting. Fits: XL 1977-1980
0.15 $17.95

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Engine Cam Oil Transfer Valve 12-1511 V-Twin Manufacturing

Engine Cam Oil Transfer Valve

Part#: 12-1511 OEM Part#: 25075-55 Engine cam oil transfer breather valve. Fits: XL 1957-1976
0.1 $20.95

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Oil Pump Breather Nut 40-0546 V-Twin Manufacturing

Oil Pump Breather Nut

Part#: 40-0546 OEM Part#: 24918-52 Nut only for the oil pump breather Fits: XLH 1957-1978 XLCH 1957-1978 KH 1954-1956
0.05 $12.95

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