Product Image Model- Manufacturer Item Name Weight Price Qty.
29-1/2" Magneto Black Tachometer Cable 36-0980 V-Twin Manufacturing

29-1/2" Magneto Black Tachometer Cable

Part#: 36-0980 Black tachometer cable for mechanical tachometer. Fits: XL 1965-1969 Note: Suggested to use with #39-0321 tachometer cable
0.35 $37.95

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34-1/4" Magneto Black Tachometer Cable 36-0513 V-Twin Manufacturing

34-1/4" Magneto Black Tachometer Cable

Part#: 36-0513 OEM Part#: 92065-67A Black tachometer cable for XLCH models, is 34-1/4" long. This cable pushes into the tachometer gear. Tachometer...
0.4 $37.95

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Angle Magneto Drive Assembly 32-1255 V-Twin Manufacturing

Angle Magneto Drive Assembly

Part#: 32-1255 Angle Magneto drive kit includes angle drive, base unit, and advance for holes in the point housing which are vertical. Magneto unit...
2.05 $380.95

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Countershaft and Breather Bolt O-Ring 14-0506 V-Twin Manufacturing

Countershaft and Breather Bolt O-Ring

Part#: 14-0506 OEM Part#: 11110 O-ring for countershaft and breather bolts Fits: FL 1965-1985 XL 1971-1984
0.01 $12.95

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Ignition Condenser 32-0122 V-Twin Manufacturing

Ignition Condenser

Part#: 32-0122 OEM Part#: 29534-55A Ignition condenser is designed for high quality and reliability. Condensor is for use on 1958-1969 XLH with...
0.05 $14.95

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Joe Hunt Magneto Kit 32-1302 V-Twin Manufacturing

Joe Hunt Magneto Kit

Part#: 32-1302 Magneto kit includes angel drive, base unit, advance, and Joe Hunt magneto. This Magneto operates off the original tach drive on the...
7.4 $846.95

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Magneto Adapter Plate 32-1664 V-Twin Manufacturing

Magneto Adapter Plate

Part#: 32-1664 Magneto adapter plate has built in studs for timing adjustment slots in magneto shaft assembly. Includes four machined screws and two...
0.2 $33.95

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Magneto Adapter Plate Screw Kit 2884-6 V-Twin Manufacturing

Magneto Adapter Plate Screw Kit

Part#: 2884-6 OEM Part#: 29601-48 Magneto adapter plate screw kit features cadmium plated screws. Fits: XLCH 1958-1962
0.1 $24.95

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Magneto Assembly without Shaft 32-1298 V-Twin Manufacturing

Magneto Assembly without Shaft

Part#: 32-1298 Joe Hunt magneto body includes rare earth magnets that never need recharging, rotor, and coil top. Replacement application for all Joe...
3.8 $594.95

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Magneto Base 32-1347 V-Twin Manufacturing

Magneto Base

Part#: 32-1347 Magneto base includes gear, drive shaft, and magneto adapter. Brass base plate accepts standard Harley style, Fairbanks Morse or Joe...
1 $93.95

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