Product Image Model- Manufacturer Item Name Weight Price Qty.
Army Luggage Rack 49-0986 V-Twin Manufacturing

Army Luggage Rack

Part#: 49-0986 Army luggage rack for rear fender. Fits: WLA 1936-1957
3.95 $206.95

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Army Saddlebag Brown 48-3164 V-Twin Manufacturing

Army Saddlebag Brown

Part#: 48-3164 OEM Part#: 11786-43 Brown army saddlebag with mount pins Fits: WLA 1941-1945
9.35 $577.95

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Chrome Saddlebag Hanger Set 2634-12T V-Twin Manufacturing

Chrome Saddlebag Hanger Set

Part#: 2634-12T Set of four includes four bars, eight stanchions, eight nuts, eight washers, and eight lock washers. Reproduction saddle bag hangers...
0.1 $58.95

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Chrome Saddlebag Mount Plate 48-0176 V-Twin Manufacturing

Chrome Saddlebag Mount Plate

Part#: 48-0176 Chrome saddlebag mount plate for 1936-1957 rigid rear fenders. Plate is stamped exactly as original equipment. Acorn mounting bolts...
1.2 $45.95

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Chrome Saddlebag Mount Plate Set 48-0189 V-Twin Manufacturing

Chrome Saddlebag Mount Plate Set

Part#: 48-0189 Chrome saddlebag mounting plate set is for 1936-1957 rigid rear fenders. Exact stamped as original. Order chrome acorn nuts mounting...
1.45 $67.95

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Luggage Rack Mounting Kit 2541-19 V-Twin Manufacturing

Luggage Rack Mounting Kit

Part#: 2541-19 Luggage rack mounting kit with a parkerized finish. Fits: VL 1930-1935 EL 1936-1940 UL 1937-1948 FL 1941-1953
0.25 $27.95

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Rear Luggage Carrier 49-2501 V-Twin Manufacturing

Rear Luggage Carrier

Part#: 49-2501 Side valve rear luggage carrier includes military saddle bag mount bracket fastened in place with an army finish. Fits: WLA 1941-1945
11.65 $150.95

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