Product Image Model- Manufacturer Item Name Weight Price Qty.
45 Rear Brake Backing Plate Assembly 49-1158 V-Twin Manufacturing

45 Rear Brake Backing Plate Assembly

Part#: 49-1158 45 rear brake backing plate assembly includes axle kit, brake plate assembly, drum and sprocket, brake arm, wheel adjusters and lug...
14.14 $379.95

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Adjustable Reamer 16-0878 V-Twin Manufacturing

Adjustable Reamer

Part#: 16-0878 This adjustable reamer fits a brake cross shaft Fits: UL 1937-1948 EL 1936-1940 FL 1941-1957
0.34 $58.95

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Black Brake Pedal 49-2008 V-Twin Manufacturing

Black Brake Pedal

Part#: 49-2008 OEM Part#: 42401-39 Replica black 45 brake pedal has original style foot grip su rface. Includes grease fitting. Fits: WL 1939-1952 G...
1.1 $51.95

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Brake Backing Plate Kit 22-1084 V-Twin Manufacturing

Brake Backing Plate Kit

Part#: 22-1084 Spring Fork brake kit fits 1936-1948 Big Twins. Brake drum, backing plate and anchor arm have a black finish, other parts are...
12.65 $451.95

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Brake Backing Plate with Arm 49-2555 V-Twin Manufacturing

Brake Backing Plate with Arm

Part#: 49-2555 OEM Part#: 41652-37 Black rear brake backing plate with stud and arm. Includes rear brake arm with black finish. Order related parts...
3.5 $118.95

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Brake Cam Rear 49-0077 V-Twin Manufacturing

Brake Cam Rear

Part#: 49-0077 OEM Part#: 41670-35 Rear brake cam for narrow brake shoes. Fits: WL 1935-1940
0.15 $40.95

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Brake Lever Cross Shaft Lock Tab 17-0935 V-Twin Manufacturing

Brake Lever Cross Shaft Lock Tab

Part#: 17-0935 OEM Part#: 42575-30 This lock tab is for use on the mechanical brake lever cross shaft. Sold as a pair. Fits: UL 1938-1948 EL...
0.05 $11.95

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Brake Pedal Assembly 22-1970 V-Twin Manufacturing

Brake Pedal Assembly

Part#: 22-1970 Brake pedal assembly includes pedal, spring, and mount strap for 45 models. Fits: W 1936-1952 G 1936-1973
2.79 $128.95

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Brake Rod 49-0118 V-Twin Manufacturing

Brake Rod

Part#: 49-0118 OEM Part#: 87732-41 Brake rod for side valve models Fits: EL 1937-1952 UL 1937-1948 FL 1941-1957
0.4 $41.95

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Brake Rod Parkerized 49-0183 V-Twin Manufacturing

Brake Rod Parkerized

Part#: 49-0183 OEM Part#: 83697-51 Parkerized brake rod for side valve models Fits: G 1951-1973
0.55 $42.95

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