Product Image Model- Manufacturer Item Name Weight Price Qty.
Replica Shock Absorber Compressor Tool 16-0079 V-Twin Manufacturing

Replica Shock Absorber Compressor Tool

Part#: 16-0079 OEM Part#: 97019-52A Replica shock absorber compressor tool simplifies shock absorber disassembly or assembly by holding the spring in...
9.9 $215.95

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Shock Absorber Tool Bolt 16-1847 V-Twin Manufacturing

Shock Absorber Tool Bolt

Part#: 16-1847 Shock bolt is for shock absorber tool. Fits: Replacement application for shock absorber tool. Note: Suggested to use on 16-0079 tool.
0.7 $45.95

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Shock Adjuster Tool 16-0409 V-Twin Manufacturing

Shock Adjuster Tool

Part#: 16-0409 OEM Part#: 94409-78 Replica shock adjusting tool Fits: XL 1979-UP FLT 1979-UP FXR 1982-1994
0.25 $14.95

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Shock Spanner Wrench Tool 16-0100 V-Twin Manufacturing

Shock Spanner Wrench Tool

Part#: 16-0100 OEM Part#: 94700-65 Shock spanner wrench tool is a scissor type tool with a blac k oxide finish. Fits: FL 1958-1981 FX 1958-1981 K...
0.8 $17.95

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Shock Tool Set 16-0954 V-Twin Manufacturing

Shock Tool Set

Part#: 16-0954 OEM Part#: 94448-82A Five piece shock tool set Fits: FXST 1989-UP XL 1979-UP FX 1979-1984 FLST 1989-UP FXR 1982-1994 FLT 1979-UP FXD...
0.4 $11.95

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Shock Tool Set, 5 Piece 16-0136 V-Twin Manufacturing

Shock Tool Set, 5 Piece

Part#: 16-0136 Shock tool set 5 piece. Fits: All models
1.85 $36.95

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