Product Image Model- Manufacturer Item Name Weight Price Qty.
Chrome Kickstand Spring 13-9154 V-Twin Manufacturing

Chrome Kickstand Spring

Part#: 13-9154 OEM Part#: 50011-30 Chrome kickstand spring. Fits: EL 1936-1940 FL 1941-1984 UL 1938-1948 FX 1971-1984
0.95 $37.95

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Kickstand Spring Chrome 13-0452 V-Twin Manufacturing

Kickstand Spring Chrome

Part#: 13-0452 Chrome kickstand spring is 3-1/2" long hook to hook. This spring is a replacement for kickstand and spring kit. Fits: EL 1936-1940 FL...
0.1 $11.95

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Replica Black Kickstand Spring 27-1683 V-Twin Manufacturing

Replica Black Kickstand Spring

Part#: 27-1683 OEM Part#: 50011-30 Replica black kickstand spring is manufactured to meet or exceed OEM specifications for long lasting durability...
0.05 $17.95

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Replica Parkerized Kickstand Spring 13-0876 V-Twin Manufacturing

Replica Parkerized Kickstand Spring

Part#: 13-0876 Replica parkerized kickstand spring Fits: EL 1936-1940 FL 1941-1984 FX 1971-1984 UL 1938-1948
0.1 $11.95

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