Heal Rest

Heal Rest

Product Image Model- Manufacturer Item Name Weight Price Qty.
Footpeg Heel Stirrup 27-0792 V-Twin Manufacturing

Footpeg Heel Stirrup

Part#: 27-0792 Soft pegster heel stirrups do not include footpegs. For use with male end pegs. Fits: All models with male end pegs Note: Suggested to...
2.1 $51.95

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Front Footpeg and Bracket Kit 27-0146 V-Twin Manufacturing

Front Footpeg and Bracket Kit

Part#: 27-0146 Front footpeg and bracket kit includes 2 brackets, 2 footpeg yokes, 2 cats paw footpegs and 2 heel rest pegs for male pe g...
4.15 $107.95

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Heel Rest and Footpeg 27-0799 V-Twin Manufacturing

Heel Rest and Footpeg

Part#: 27-0799 Male end mount footpeg with heel rest. Fits: All models with female mounting block
1.75 $75.95

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Heel Rest Bracket and Arm Kit 27-0142 V-Twin Manufacturing

Heel Rest Bracket and Arm Kit

Part#: 27-0142 OEM Part#: 50227-01 Front footpeg heel rest bracket and arm kit for use with male pegs on forward control unit. Matching foot and...
1.35 $75.95

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