Wheel & Hub

Wheel & Hub

Product Image Model- Manufacturer Item Name Weight Price Qty.
15" Forged Tire Iron 16-1764 V-Twin Manufacturing

15" Forged Tire Iron

Part#: 16-1764 OEM Part#: 94481-89T Lifting the bead without bending the rim is a piece of cake with our 15" forged iron tool Fits: All models
1 $20.95

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3/4" Axle Spacer Saver Tool 16-0335 V-Twin Manufacturing

3/4" Axle Spacer Saver Tool

Part#: 16-0335 3/4" axle spacer saver tool Fits: All models
1.05 $20.95

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8 Gauge Spoke Wrench Tool 16-0200 V-Twin Manufacturing

8 Gauge Spoke Wrench Tool

Part#: 16-0200 8 Gauge spoke wrench tool Fits: All models
0.45 $17.95

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Axle Lock Tool 16-0333 V-Twin Manufacturing

Axle Lock Tool

Part#: 16-0333 Axle lock tool acts as a third hand helper. Fits: FXST 2002-UP FLST 2002-UP FXD 2002-UP FLT 2002-UP Rear XL 2002-UP
0.25 $37.95

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Coats 280 Wheel Balancer Tool 16-0511 V-Twin Manufacturing

Coats 280 Wheel Balancer Tool

Part#: 16-0511 Coats 280 wheel balancer tool, shipped UPS. Fits: All models
34.25 $909.95

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Digital Tire Pressure Gauge 16-0997 V-Twin Manufacturing

Digital Tire Pressure Gauge

Part#: 16-0997 This 0-150 PSI digital tire gauge is a welcomed addition to any tool kit. Gauge includes batteries. Fits: All models
0.35 $24.95

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E-Z Squeeze Bearing Packer Tool 16-0755 V-Twin Manufacturing

E-Z Squeeze Bearing Packer Tool

Part#: 16-0755 E-Z Squeeze Bearing packer greases all tapered bearings with a 5/8" or larger I.D. Fits: All models
1.4 $55.95

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Hollow Axle Plug Tool 16-0332 V-Twin Manufacturing

Hollow Axle Plug Tool

Part#: 16-0332 Hollow axle plug tool Sold as a pair. Fits: FLT 2008-UP XL 2008-UP
0.15 $37.95

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Jims Axle Locker Tool 16-0329 V-Twin Manufacturing

Jims Axle Locker Tool

Part#: 16-0329 Jims axle locker tool holds the left side welded axle nut. To use this tool place it over the welded nut on the left side with the...
0.3 $75.95

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Jims Hollow Axle Plug Tool 16-0328 V-Twin Manufacturing

Jims Hollow Axle Plug Tool

Part#: 16-0328 Jims hollow axle plug tool eliminates the center point of the axle, which had been preferably used as a center point for alignment....
0.15 $144.95

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