Product Image Model- Manufacturer Item Name Weight Price Qty.
14mm Spark Plug Index Washer Assortment 16-0676 V-Twin Manufacturing

14mm Spark Plug Index Washer Assortment

Part#: 16-0676 These 14mm Spark plug index washers are soft copper spark plug washers that allow a serious engine builder to align the ground...
0.15 $23.95

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AGM Battery Tender Tool, 12 Volt 16-1875 V-Twin Manufacturing

AGM Battery Tender Tool, 12 Volt

Part#: 16-1875 This battery tender tool is for lead and acid batteries. The 6 amp features ring type terminals with quick disconnect. Also for sealed...
3.2 $133.95

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Alternator Repair Ring 16-0692 V-Twin Manufacturing

Alternator Repair Ring

Part#: 16-0692 Alternator repair ring only. Fits: All models
0.55 $140.95

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Alternator Rotor Puller Tool 16-0693 V-Twin Manufacturing

Alternator Rotor Puller Tool

Part#: 16-0693 Alternator rotor puller tool Fits: All models
0.5 $33.95

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Battery Acid Catch Tank 16-1739 V-Twin Manufacturing

Battery Acid Catch Tank

Part#: 16-1739 This tank attaches to battery vent tube to collect excess acid to protect the frame and lower rear fender parts. Fits: All models
0.25 $19.95

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Battery Activator Filler Tool 16-0037 V-Twin Manufacturing

Battery Activator Filler Tool

Part#: 16-0037 Activator battery filler attaches to any standard acid pack tube. Positive thumb release valve absolutely controls acid flow. No acid...
0.3 $57.95

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Battery Booster Cable Tool Set 16-0350 V-Twin Manufacturing

Battery Booster Cable Tool Set

Part#: 16-0350 Battery booster cable set. Cable is 10' in length and 10 gauge in size. Fits: All models
1.25 $28.95

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Battery Cable Crimper Tool 16-0351 V-Twin Manufacturing

Battery Cable Crimper Tool

Part#: 16-0351 Battery cable crimper tool Fits: All models
1.8 $70.95

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Battery Hydro-Meter Tester 16-0864 V-Twin Manufacturing

Battery Hydro-Meter Tester

Part#: 16-0864 This battery hydro meter is a great tester for cycle batteries because of its small size. Fits: All models
0.1 $16.95

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Battery Tender 12 Volt 16-1792 V-Twin Manufacturing

Battery Tender 12 Volt

Part#: 16-1792 Super smart battery tender constantly monitors the battery without the damaging effects of a trickle charger. Initial charge brings...
2.75 $78.95

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